Monday, January 28, 2008

Hello Again!

Well, it been awhile since we blogged last (you can only read our Christmas letter so many times.) A lot has happened since last we updated our faithful readers. The Christmas season was very busy (as usual) but filled with wonderful time with family. We celebrated Christmas with all four groups of family starting on December 21st and finishing January 5th. Christmas continues to be a marathon for us rather than a sprint. I had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but Eric and Audrey came to our family potluck at the hospital on Christmas day. It was definitely the highlight of my Christmas. Right after New Years, we set off to visit Eric’s family in Maryland. It was great to see Eric’s family and especially our beautiful niece again.
While we were out there, we had a chance to do a good deal of traveling. We spent two days in New York City (Audrey REALLY liked all the lights).

We also had a chance to go to Richmond, Virginia. Audrey got to meet her Great Grandma and Great-Aunt Karen. We spent some time with our friends, Mo & Alisa and their little ones, Isaac and Selah. We also had a chance to visit a nursing school friend Amy and hung out in her new hometown (some people refer to it as our nation’s capitol.)

Mostly, the trip to Maryland was a great time to rest and recover from the holiday season. It is amazing what a few weeks away can do to give you some perspective on life. Now it is back to the daily grind. Audrey is eating solid food twice a day. We’ve mastered rice cereal and peas and this week we are trying avocados. She’s sitting up on her own and working on pulling her legs up underneath her when she is laying on her tummy. It is true what people say, they really do grow fast. Now that we are home, we’ll try do a better job keeping up with the blog. We always look forward to the holidays but we are usually glad when they are done too.