Monday, June 22, 2015

Last Weekend in May

On Saturday May 30th, we had a Parenting Conference at our church.  The material was really good and it was fun to see our Pastor leading worship.

That afternoon, our friend Bob from Santa Barbara came to visit.

He, Adeline, and the iPod hit it off.

My new precious niece Penelope was born!

Sunday, Elliott sported this self-dressed outfit

Bob, Eric, and I went to our new favorite restaurant, Parts and Labor.
They even had a quote from one of my favorite authors on their menu. 

The ribeye was perfect!

We were blessed with a tour of the kitchen and got to see their smoked pig and sausage.

Random May

Our church youth group came over for the salad portion of the progressive dinner. 

Audrey's Spring Concert

Three "boys"

Oh, there's a fourth

"Doka" dots

Neighbor's awesome swings

Cupcake face

Teacher Appreciation gifts

Elliott's Classroom transformed into Spring

Caterpillar friend

It was a long phase

Max and the yard

Max's version of yoga

Family fingers

Fish visit after her 3 year pediatrician well visit

Baby fruit 

Elliott and the beheaded snake (probably Max's kill).  
Audrey's face is awesome!


Eric preaches his first sermon as an elder

Adeline climbs to access all of the forbidden items.

Centerpiece from our neighbor's wedding

Playing house

Why not?

Elliott talked me into this new transformer while waiting at the pharmacy to treat his penile poison ivy.  

Spells his name (though you can't see it).


4 wheeling

Bird in the store- highlight for Adeline

Making crepes for Girls Scouts for Audrey's French lesson.

I surprised these two with Utz, so happy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Father Daughter Dance

Audrey was thrilled to go to the Father Daughter School Dance with her first love.

Zach's Birthday

We rolled back into town on Memorial Day after camping, unloaded the car and the headed to Zach's birthday party. 

The Birthday Boy!

Adeline loves this blind dog