Sunday, June 22, 2014

Grand Concour

We were so proud of Audrey for getting to the highest level in Maryland amongst 1st-3rd graders and a Silver Medal nationally in the "Le Grand Concours" (French Comprehension Test). She was the youngest medal winner in Maryland.  We got to go to the awards ceremony at Cafe Paris on May 18th. Audrey was so excited to be there with her teacher.  We feel blessed to have her at Baltimore International Academy. 

Van Kim and Larry's Wedding

We were thrilled to be invited to Van Kim and Larry's wedding (and a little surprised to all five be invited).  We even managed to get ready early and get some incredible pictures before we left.

May 17th

Audrey took this one of Eric and I 

The children from the Village Church 

The girls loved the powder room at the reception site and spent a lot of time there in front of all the mirrors.

 It was a fun evening, but we only made it through half of the reception.

Mother's Day

 We got to spend Mother's Day with Eric's family 

The evening ended with a few tears and blood, so I got to do what mothers do best.

Elliott and Adeline's Birthday Party

On May 10th, we celebrated Elliott and Adeline's birthdays with a Fairy Tale themed party.