Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My 30th Birthday!

Well, even though it was two weeks ago... I wanted to share with you what a fun birthday I had. It started the weekend before my actual birthday when we adopted a birthday kitty. ("New Cat"went missing around Christmas and we all agreed the house wasn't the same without a kitty around.) Her name is Sinclair although she also goes by "Princess Sinclair" (I vetoed Tinkerbell). She is great with the kids and a perfect addition to the family.

Lidia flew out for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday weekend. Friday the 4th was the big day. We had Eric's family over for a fondue and raclette dinner (Cedulie brought all the food!) It was a fun family-style team-effort meal.

Lidia made me a Raspberry Lemon Cake.

Saturday, we headed up to Pennsylvania for a day of fun.

We stopped by the Dansko outlet to buy Lidia some new shoes
for work and to let Audrey ride the Dansko sheep.

Next, we went to Longwood Gardens

It was a cold rainy day and all of the outside gardens
were closed due to "icy conditions",
so we spent our time inside the conservatory.

It was weird to enter into an immediate spring as we walked inside

Eric got some quality time with Elliott

The kids got to enjoy playing with the fountains.

Audrey and Elliott got some special time with Lidia

Some featured plants that we saw

It was orchid extravaganza that weekend and we love orchids!

Monday night, we had some ladies from the church over for a dessert night. Lidia made my favorite cake, the Black Pearl. We also made creme brulee. Thanks Dad and Arlene for my creme brulee set. It was so much fun and so yummy! Sorry, no pictures of the evening, we were too busy enjoying desserts and great company.
It was a great birthday weekend!