Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I got a job!

After 6 looong months, I am excited to announce that I was offered a job last Thursday. To maintain complete honesty, my offer is pending my fingerprinting results and reference check but I'm not too worried.

The position is Mentor Program Development Manager (I know...its a mouthful) for a company called U.S. Dream Academy. USDA is a nonprofit that runs after school programs for middle schoolers who are at risk for incarceration (usually one of their parents are in prison.) In addition to an online academic skills module, the program involves one-on-one mentoring for each student. They are already doing a great job with the program already but they don't have anyone at the national office (they have centers all over the country)focusing on the mentor program itself. In addition to recruiting, training, and retaining mentors, I will be building out the program itself. This job is a real answer to prayer because in my time of waiting and reflection, I have really felt God leading me to nonprofit work with underserved kids. He certainly delivered!

The office is in Columbia Maryland (about 25 minutes from where we live now) so I don't have to worry about public transportation (a really timely and expensive way of life out here.) I start April 6th so I have a few weeks to actually enjoy my time off. Ashley and I were talking last week about how our move has really mirrored the seasons. We moved here in Fall, a time of excitement and change. The months of Winter seemed really long and they were very difficult for me. I don't recommend being out of work if you can help it. Spring, which is usually indicative of new life brings with it a new job for our family. Maybe I'm overspiritualizing it but what can I say...I'm excited.

I want to thank all of you who were praying for us during this time. Even though it was difficult, I've never felt so loved and cared for. A huge thanks to my Mom and Luis who provided so richly for us while we were out of work...we definitely owe you. Anyway, here are some pictures of Spring in Maryland for a little color.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

High Five!

On Saturday we went to the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. Though there were many exhibits to see, Audrey focused on "Waltee" the mascot (a guy walking around in a lion suit.) After screaming in fear upon meeting Waltee on her own, Audrey warmed up to him when Mommy held her. She already had a lion fascination since we went to the Zoo last month so Waltee was especially exciting. She gave Waltee some high fives then became obsessed with high fives. We took a video of our dinner at night. I hope you enjoy it as much as she did.

From Crackle: High Five!

More Snow!

We had a big storm come through the eastern shore (of which we are now residents). It started while Eric was grilling Sunday night. He looked and was cold.
By Monday morning we had eight inches of snow. We built a snowman to which Audrey says "Hi!" at least three times a day.

Here are some of the pictures I took of our yard...