Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wee Squeak

So, I guess I don't pay enough attention to what I am doing... I bought these shoes at a consignment store thinking they were cute, good quality, and cheap ($4.50)- my favorite combination. I learned later that the Wee Squeak shoes are actually squeaky shoes. She loves
her Wee Squeaks. My sister's Great Dane, Brembo was very interested in them. She thought Audrey was a walking squeaky toy. The down side is they are annoying after awhile; the plus side is you can hear where she is in the house when she is wearing them.

California Trip

I had a great trip to California. We mainly went for Susan's (Eric's step-sister) wedding in San Francisco. The wedding was beautiful. Eric and his sister Stefanie were in the wedding. We got to be up there before the wedding to help out with some planning and decorations too.

Susan & Tom at the Rehearsal DinnerSusan & Tom before the slide show.

Thanks 'Chung for the great pictures!
The Hopkins Family.
One of Audrey's highlights was getting to see Brembo, my sister Rahime's Great Dane. Audrey meet her for Christmas, but she only was 40 pounds then; she is now over 100 (that's four times Audrey's size) and still growing. We video chat with Rahime (and Brembo) a few times a month, to keep up. Brembo is very well behaved (better than Audrey) and Audrey loves dogs, so they got along well. Audrey even tried to boss her around.
Three sisters at the dog park (the biggest off-leash dog park in the country with 23 acres!)
It made me want a dog.
"Downward facing dog"- Audrey's favorite Yoga pose performed at the dog park-
how appropriate.
Lauren, my younger sister and Brembo.

Audrey and I got to extend our stay to see some family and friends. We had fun in LA.

Audrey loved the carousel this time around. It had been about a month since her first encounter; last time on the Mall, she did not smile once. She could not stop beaming during this ride(s). Grandpa took her on a second ride since she loved it so much. Trying to tear her away from it was another issue, I think she could have rode it all day long if we and our wallets let her.
We also got to go the "Duck Park" in Fullerton with Lidia. Lidia and I have been going to this park for about ten years. It used to be better, but since they renovated it, there are fewer ducks. Audrey loved seeing the ducks and playing in the dirt. It took us 2 hours to walk around it with all the distractions a toddler has (it normally would take 15-20 minutes.)

We also got to spend some time with our favorite twins and their parents. Wow, trying to take a picture with two babies and a toddler looking at the camera is impossible.

The last day I was there, I helped organize a reunion for our Biola nursing class (2004, it's been five years!) We were blessed to have had it at Paddison Farm.
It was fun to be back at the place I lived and loved for five years.

Lidia's wonderful strawberry cake.

Melissa and Alyssa my former neighbors.
Another former neighbor. Thanks Sarah for hosting the party.
And another former neighbors.

Audrey loved the dirt a little too much. I think it's better we are not still on the Farm.
Her love for dirt would drive me crazy.
I was a wonderful trip. It will probably always feel too short and like home. But, I was excited to head back to Maryland and get ready to move.