Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shiloh's 2nd Birthday

Last Saturday, we celebrated our niece, Shiloh's 2nd birthday.  It was a fun time hanging out with family and celebrating this precious little girl. 

Just the girls

Elliott was SO excited to match Eric that day!  

What a gem!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekend in Richmond

Last weekend we headed south to Richmond to see family, friends, and go to a wedding. 
 It was a packed weekend, but lots of fun.

We drove down on Saturday morning in record time (2 1/2 hours).  We usually drive on Friday evening after Eric gets off work and fight five hours of traffic.  This trip, my pregnant body opted for sleeping another night in my own bed and not being in the car in unnecessary traffic.

Our first stop was to see our dear friends the Feliciano family.  We got to go to Isaac's soccer game,  had lunch, and some great hang out time together.

Audrey and Selah loved playing dress up together.

Our cuddle boys connected right away.

 Elliott put his blanket under his shirt and said "baby"
... maybe he does get what is happening.

Sunday morning we went to Cracker Barrel (our favorite) to meet my Aunt and her beau

We had to spend some time in the rockers before and after we ate.

We also got to swing by my Great Aunt Helen's house to say hi.  
She is awesome, energetic and going on 92!

After our Auntie visits, we headed to Amelia, just outside of Richmond for a family wedding.
Audrey was so excited that the town was called Amelia since that is the name of her best friend.
My step-father's (Larry's) granddaughter (so my step niece), Liz was getting married and Audrey was the very proud flower girl.

Our family all dolled up

Just the girls

Eric and Elliott (he was as grumpy as he looked) 

Audrey said, "Liz and I are princesses today!"

My mom, Larry and kids

Me and my belly

Sharing with his sister

The beautiful wedding site

The boys and their glasses

No shyness here

Audrey stood in front the whole time
but wasn't always focused

She was excited to walk back with one of the groomsmen

Elliott was not able to sit through the ceremony, 
so he watched with Eric from inside

Gogo (my mom), E Ry, and dizzy (his blankie)

Larry's family

The beautiful couple

Audrey got to dance with her Daddy

It was a great wedding, but we had to head home... the drive took four hours...

the kids fell asleep pretty fast...

but then woke up again to have a 45 minute meltdown, which was not photographed nor recorded.

What a weekend and what a recovery Monday to follow!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Weekend '12

We had an enjoyable preparation for Easter Weekend. We were pleased to have my mom and Larry in town to celebrate with us.

The Saturday before Easter, we visited Sherwood Gardens, a neighborhood near our home that replants full beds of tulips every year! The kids weren't particularly interested in taking pictures but decided to be helpful for Mommy and Daddy.

Saturday before Easter
Easter Day was long but a great day none the less. We started the day at The Village Church where our community donated hams to families in our community. It was really fun to share Easter with a wide variety of Hampden families and at least in a minor way, meet some physical needs. After church, we headed to Eric's Mom's for an Easter Celebration that included an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids, a fantastic ham dinner, and our traditional "Bunny Cake". Thanks Cedulie for hosting such an amazing Easter celebration!

Easter Sunday