Saturday, September 26, 2015

First Day of School

First Day of School on August 31st

Audrey- 3rd grade French at Baltimore International Academy

Elliott- Kindergarten at Waverly Elementary

Some three year olds wishing they could be in school too.

Funny and sad, but all the photos that I took the morning of the first day of school were corrupted on my failed memory card.  I almost cried, but decided to take more pictures after school, which worked just fine and maybe even better since we were not rushed.

August 23rd-30th- Last week of summmer

Eric went out of town right after church on Sunday and we headed out for another day at the pool.

Audrey pretending to start school... it wouldn't be long as it was the last week of summer.

We went Duckpin bowling as one of the last summer fun activities.

Pretending to shower under the sunflower.

Making ice cream

Meet the teacher at Elliott's school.

Saying hi to Elliott's (favorite) Pre-K teacher. 

Neighborhood play 

Sliding down the hill with the pool on a skateboard... super smart or maybe not.

Last Popsicle Night of the the summer

Caught eating one of the (green) tomatoes from our neighbor's garden.

Herring Run Park

A memorial to the sunflower that I cut down.

Seeds for next year

We went tubing in Monkton on the Sunday before school started as our last effort to soak up summer.  It was super fun- a 45 minute hike followed by a 3 hour float.  I felt like I was still floating when I closed my eyes that night.

Friday, September 25, 2015

August 16th-22nd

Storyville with Adeline and Elliott while Audrey was at her Grand Maman's house. 

Walter's Art Museum

Lunch in the park

Bike rides in the neighborhood

Helmet curls

The cat that is trying to adopt us follows us on our walks.

Peach Picking

Shaving cream play... only in the summer.

O's game that was rained out... Elliott still had fun!

Peachy pancakes on Saturday

Elliott learned to ride his bike

Piles of Pillows