Saturday, December 26, 2015


Halloween Day, we had Luis, Cedulie, and Edda over for pumpkin carving.  Some of us were more festive than others.

Elliott's creation...kind of reminded us of Chunk from the Goonies

Notice the bow on Audrey's pumpkin

Then we walked up the street to Stefanie's house for dinner.

Very cute pumpkins

Our Purple Ninja had a meltdown 

and wasn't up for any pictures

Trick or Treating was next

When we finished, we parked out in the common area in front of our house with the neighbors.  We passed out candy and enjoyed appetizers.  We all decided that it was much better than just hanging out in our individual houses.

Fall Walk

We spent a beautiful Fall afternoon walking around the neighborhood. 

This is Audrey at 4 months and Eric in front of the same tree 8 years ago.

Halloween Party

Elliott's class' Halloween Party 

Treats for kid's classes

Random Fall

Max in a box

Adeline's selfies

At the Orthodontist with her sister

Off to a birthday party in Northern Virginia with our cousins.

Scarecrow making party with our neighbors and friends, the Wheelers

Adeline and Micah at Tiny Town while my car got an airbag recall repair.

Audrey at the Renaissance Fair with Piper 

My Mischief Rose sneaking a stick of butter.

Another one of Adeline's messes.  Elliott helping her clean it up.

Headgear and proud

Our new chimney.  It was not our plan...but our chimney liner collapsed, making the house smoke up when we tried to turn the heat on.   

Elliott's rubber ducky in the bathtub 

Elliott's Music Perfomance

We went to Elliott's school on the evening of October 29th to watch his Kindergarten class sing in a school concert.

Elliott and his fabulous teacher Ms. Murphy

Kind of matching though not planned