Sunday, August 29, 2010

Maryland Crab Part 2

Here's Elliott in some more crab outfits. All of his clothes were given to us (mostly hand-me-downs and a few new) or from Goodwill, so I was surprised to end up with so many crab outfits. I guess that's what happens when you live in Maryland.
Here are some examples of our Maryland Blue Crab (which is actually red when steamed) consumption this summer.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The perfect breakfast!

I love this breakfast: a cup of tea, steel cut oatmeal and figs.
For those detail people wondering where the second fig is...
I gave it to my daughter. If you know how much
I love figs and how rare they are in Maryland,
you'll know... that is love!

3 year appointment

Audrey just had her 3 year appointment last week.
She was so brave getting her shot and got ice
cream with sprinkles as a reward.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Many Faces of Elliott Ryan

We did a similar post for Audrey Grace for those
that want to see if they look alike.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Lapointe Inn

We have had a steady stream of company on the East Coast
since Elliott was born. Here's an overview of all our visitors

My mom came the week after Elliott was born to
help out and love on her grand-babies, May 8th-22nd

Dave, Eric's close friend visited May 26th-29th

Eric's step-sister Sue and her husband Tom visited May 8th -29th.
They stayed with Luis and Cedulie, but we got to hang out several times

Lidia, my BFF came to help and play May 30th- June 12th

The Blaisedell Family, close family friends, were on the East Coast
on vacation and we were able to see them on June 6th in D.C.

Eric's Dad came to visit and work on the house June 12th - June 21st. Mary Ann joined him here for a few days at the end of the trip after visiting her sister in North Carolina

My sister Rahime came to help out from June 30th- July 7th. She also
helped by accompanying me on the road-trip with the kids to Georgia and
Okracoke, so we got to spend through July 17th with her.

My Dad, Arlene and Grandpa Deans came to
Georgia for my cousin's wedding on July 9-10th.
The trip was way too short :( but we were so happy they
were able to meet Elliott!

The rest of the Deans clan (below), hung out for 10 days
from July 8th-17th in Georgia and North Carolina
for both my cousin's and mom's weddings.
My sister Rahime and 'Chung

My sister Lauren

My mom and Larry

When we got back from our wedding trips, we had one free
weekend together to celebrate Eric's birthday and then hosted for
two more weekends...

The Feliciano Family, our friends from Richmond
came from July 30th- August 1st.

Lastly, Kevin, Eric's close friend came from
August 5th-9th to visit and hang out with Eric.

The Lapointe Inn is vacant with no bookings. We don't really know what
to do with ourselves. Thanks to everyone that made the long trip from
California to brave our Baltimore summer. We loved having all our visitors.
Our home is your home and our sheets are always clean, so if you want to
book a trip, you are always welcome.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Growing with the Angels


Pregnant with Audrey

Audrey at 2 months

A family of four rooting for the Angels at Camden Yards

Kevin's Visit

One of Eric's best friends Kevin came to visit for a few days last weekend.

We wanted to surprise Eric by having Kevin show up to at Angels/Orioles game we had tickets for Thursday but we decided that Audrey would spill the beans. Instead, we told Eric that Kevin would come Friday and Audrey, Elliott and I picked him up Thursday morning. Eric was blown away when he came home from work and I think kind of excited that he would be watching the game with someone a little more "interested".
Audrey and Kevin at the Airplane Park after we picked him up.
Audrey posing over the city

At the Orioles/Angel's game on Thursday night.

Friday, we went for a tasty bunch at Miss Shirley,
the guys played disc golf and we cooled off at the pool.

Eric and Kevin gave Mommy a break by visiting D.C. with Audrey on Saturday.

Kevin and Audrey planting a plant at the Botanical Garden

Cute pictures of Audrey

Sunday, when walked around Annapolis and the guys went for crabs.
Audrey and Eric in Annapolis

They devoured a dozen crabs.

Monday, was more disc golf and off to the airport.

Kevin spoiled us with his culinary skills, making us dinner, omelets for breakfast and home-made cinnamon-sugar pretzels with icing to dip for dessert. We had a great time together! We are thankful to Amber for watching the twins (while pregnant!) to let him come.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Feliciano's visit

Last weekend, our friends, the Felicianos and their kids came from Richmond (originally California friends) to spend the weekend with us. We had fun spending time at home and exploring a little bit of Baltimore. We went to the Zoo, the Inner Harbor, Federal Hill and a DDD special.

Audrey and Selah were fast to become friends.
Towel buddies

Story time

Felicianos at the zoo

Zoo buddies

Some happy girls

The kids at lunch

Both toddlers were unsure of feeding the giraffe.

Audrey's favorite...
brushing and hanging out with the goats.

Daddy's girl

Black-eyed susan- our state flower