Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Storm Part 3

Its finally over! And there is more shoveling to do. The first storm in December depleted Maryland's winter budget, so plowing is slow going. Eric did a good 2 1/2 hours of shoveling and digging out cars. He was home yet another day, but will attempt to get out tomorrow in the CRV which has four-wheel drive.

Audrey "helped" with her shovel.

Shoveling the road. No plows expected for a few more days.

The girls got plenty of play time in the snow while the dads shoveled and pregnant moms watched.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Storm Part 2

Yeah- the plow came! This is the picture of the plow getting suck Tuesday afternoon. We were able to slip out of our neighbor for a few hours. I had a doctor's appointment and Eric headed to the grocery store to get some milk and eggs. He said it was a madhouse and the shelves were pretty bare. The roads were slick, but we were happy to get out before the next snow.
I spent the afternoon walking and taking pictures around the neighborhood. I was really impressed by some of the icicles and snow laden roofs.

This is our next-door neighbor's house, whose windows were totally covered by a sheet of snow.
A big worry for the locals was if the roof tops and porches could handle the weight of all the snow and more to come.
We lost half of our gutter of the side of our house from the weight of the snow.
I sounded like an avalanche when it fell.
Eric spent a few hours Tuesday trying to remove as much snow off of ledges as he could. He also dug out a path in the back yard to take the trash out (not that the trash man is coming, but the trash since Friday night was piling up).

It started to snow lightly Tuesday afternoon and got heavier Tuesday night. Today was a blizzardy day, the snow was heavy and the wind howled. We did not even step out the front door as it was 27 degrees with a wind chill of 9 degrees.
The cat longing to go outside.

The snow and icicle covered windows confirmed that we did not want to venture out. We got another 19 inches of snow. With the latest storm, Baltimore has exceeded the greatest snow total in our history by 20 inches. We are starting to get stir crazy. Audrey has never watch so many videos, Eric is caught up on all his TV shows and our house has never been so clean. It looks like tomorrow will be windy and Eric has more shoveling to do.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Storm

Eric and I were kind of bummed to miss the last snow storm in December, but this weekend we got to experience an even bigger blizzard. It started snowing Friday at noon.

This is the before snow picture.

This was Friday night before we went to bed. The night was blizzardy. I woke up several times to lightning, thunder and other loud noises. I never knew a snow storm would have lightning and thunder. The lightning was the brightest I had ever seen because it reflected off of the snow.

Saturday, we woke up to a white out, 20+ inches of snow and 12 more hours of constant snow to come.
We could barely see the top of the fence that separates our yard with our neighbor's.
We headed out after breakfast to assess our winter wonderland.
Audrey was wondering where the step went.We lost a branch of our holly tree (one of the other loud noises).

Eric had a the tough job of starting to dig us out.
Audrey and I got to play.
We trekked though thigh-high snow to visit the George and Stef. The "walk" took about four times longer than usually and we were exhausted when we finally got there.
Our backyard which is still untouched.

Sunday, the snow had stopped and it was a beautiful day. All the neighbors were out digging out their cars (to go nowhere). Some people even started to dig out the street since plows were not expected to come until later in the week if ever.

Progress was made.

But, not enough. And still no plows. Monday came and went without much action. Schools were canceled. Eric's office was closed. We walked to a neighbor's house to have a birthday party for two-year old Collier. An Elmo cake and play dough helped keep the toddlers from going stir crazy. Most people spent the day trying to knock down the snow and icicles that are weighing down our roofs and gutters.

We are expected to get another storm starting today with 10-20 inches through Wednesday night. Eric is off another day along with the federal government. I am curious to see how this adventure will continue.

My 29th Birthday

Last Thursday was my 29th birthday. I started my day being serenaded by Audrey and Eric. Eric made me a wonderful breakfast in bed. Audrey was so excited about that concept, and thought "it was fair" for me to share with her. Later in the day, she said, "Mommy, remember when you ate breakfast in bed? We should do that again!" "Yes, Audrey, we should tell your daddy that."

That morning we went to the Botanical Gardens in Baltimore with Stefanie and Sofia. The girls had a great time running around in the warmth of the climate controlled gardens. They got to feed the fish and play hide-in-go seek. Seeing them as happy as they were was the biggest present I could have had for my birthday.

After the gardens, Cedulie joined us and treated us to a wonderful lunch at the Papermoon Diner.

I headed to Costco and Trader Joe's after lunch to stock up in preparation for our big storm. After the snow weekend that we had (see the next blog post), I was glad that was how I spent my birthday afternoon. Eric, Audrey and I went to dinner at Joe Squared for Baltimore's best pizza. I was excited to have discovered two new great places to eat. It was a wonderful birthday and I am glad to have another year in my twenties.

Mischief Nap times

Napping has not been a priority for Audrey lately. I still put her down for an hour or two so that I can get a break and some rest. Audrey is supposed to stay in bed, however, she usually gets into some kind of mischief. Here are a few pictures of Audrey post-nap, some mischief is less destructive than others. I like cleaning up book-time more than baby powder. I did not include the poop everywhere picture from today.