Sunday, October 28, 2012

Zoo Boo and Fall Harvest Fest

This past Friday, we did some pre-Halloween fun times,  Zoo Boo and a Fall Harvest Fest at the Hopkins' church.  We are glad that they got to dress up early because with Hurricane Sandy coming, it might be the only Halloween they have.

Some pictures from Zoo Boo (Shh...Audrey was at school)

Sleeping Peacock

Some trick or treating 

Look at all those leaves on the aviary 

 A monkey watching the monkeys

Momma and her babies

Gorgeous fall day

I found these awesome Osage Oranges and they just had to come home with me.

Pictures pre-Fall Harvest Fest

Grand Maman and Grand Papa dressed up for the event

Apple Picking

We had a great time apple picking with some of our friends at good old Larriland Farms


Since Eric became President of the neighborhood association, we have been attending a higher number of neighborhood social events.  Here are some pictures from our neighborhood's Oktoberfest event.

Poppy's Visit

Eric's Dad, John (AKA Poppy) came to visit for three weeks to do projects at our house and the Hopkins' house.  We hosted him during his stay and benefited from lots of projects completed and lots of special time together.

The first Saturday was a free museum day for the B&O Railroad Museum, so we headed out to see some trains.

We went on a 20 minute train ride, which everyone enjoyed.

The kids had fun in the play area

There was also lots of interactive play on the trains

We went to Chick-fil-A afterwards to celebrate four weeks of Audrey being on the "Green" (good) list at school.  They had a special event there, so we got to see the cow and local fire engine.  

John got to spend lots of evenings reading to the big kids

John worked outside scraping and painting our fence and stair rail 

Elliott watched from inside

The guys helped water proof the side of our house

Elliott tried to help too

John scraped and repainted our basement shower  

He also cleaned our utility sink in the basement-
I wish I had a before picture of this one

He worked on taking out our ugly huge window unit

He and Eric also cleaned all the windows- looks like a picture now!

He fixed the screen on our back door...

The guys also worked on creating a cover for the screen door to convert it into a storm door in the winter.  It really helps keep out the cold air.

He filled a sink hole in our front yard

I spotted some "animal" tracks shortly thereafter

He also totally re-did George and Stefanie's patio

 One of the most precious part of John's visit was definitely the half hour every morning that Elliott got to eat "Poppy's toast"! 

Thanks John for coming to visit, doing SO many projects, and for loving us they way you do!