Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Camping at Elk Neck

Tight Fit

First Day of School

 Here's more of Adeline's 1st Day of School

The Rest of Summer

Matching Dresses had arrived while we were in CA

Annual Trip to Safety City

Playing in the Cromwell Valley stream

She found a triangle rock

Pool Time

Charles Village VBS

Unicorn Friend

Visiting Ms. Diane

Neighborhood Block Party

Meeting Cedulie's siblings (well three of them)

Playdates with Micah

Piper and Audrey

VBS at our church 

VBS Finale Party

Visiting Their New School

Goodbyes are hard!

Audrey's 1st Sleepaway Camp

Meanwhile Elliott's Fish Saga at Home

Pool with Friends

Adeline's First Time at the Movies

Visiting my Uncle Scott in Hampton, VA

The sunflowers always blossom while we are away.

O's games with Auntie Lauren

Meeting Teachers

The big haircut

Last Summer Fun- Tubing with Friends. 

Praying over the kids before they start school.