Sunday, February 8, 2015


 Friday January 2nd, we were able to drop the kids off at Eric's mom and Luis' house.  They were comfortable taking care of Adeline who was only slightly sick with the double ear infection and the other two kids who were healthy.  We appreciated some alone time together.  After dropping them off, we did some shopping - some fun and some necessary (you have to go to Costco when you are close by since we live 30-45 minutes to the nearest Costco).  After a Chiptole lunch (one of the only fast-food places that I can eat at now), we went to the Mount Clare Museum House.  We love to visit historic homes and I had spotted this house on a train ride from the B&O Train Museum, so I thought we would take the opportunity to visit (I don't like visiting historic homes with kids, so we rarely do).

I loved the bowls at each place setting to rise the wine after each course.  So smart!

I also loved the mantel with osage oranges and pheasant feathers. 

We made a steak dinner at home and enjoyed a glorious sunset.

It would be even more glorious without the power lines, oh Baltimore! 

After dinner, we went to a movie (sadly the first in a long time).

The next day, after lounging all morning, we headed out to another historical home on the campus of Loyala University, Evergreen Museum and Library (though it is managed by Johns Hopkins University). It was the home of the Garrett family, king of the railways.  Their home was filled with rare books, ancient Asian art, impressionist art, along  with a collection of Tiffany vases and lamps.

If you are in the Baltimore area, it is worth checking out.

They also had a silver exhibit that was impressive.

Upon visiting this home, we received a text that Eric's mom, Cedulie, had gotten sick and we would be getting the kids back by 6pm.  Originally, we were trying to plan a trip to New York to see several friends, so in a way it worked out that we were closer and didn't have reservations to cancel.

We had plans to eat a nice dinner out, but that was not feasible so with only a few hours left before we got the kids, we decided to grab Chipotole and see another movie.  Our weekend was cut short, but we still managed to see go to Chipotle twice, see two movies, and go to two historic homes- I guess that is perfect for us! 

New Year's Day

New Year's morning, we had breakfast with our Pastor to discuss women's ministry.  Then the kids watched the Rose Parade.  I have loved the Rose Parade since I saw it in person as a kid and would go visit the floats after the parade.  I am not used to it starting so late in the day - 11am on the east coast!  While they watched the parade, I undecorated the house.  I love putting up Christmas decorations, but it is always refreshing taking them down.  I feel that I get my house back a little.

That afternoon, we went (I dragged my family out) to the Botanical Gardens to see the Poinsettia exhibit.  It was a quick visit, but I was thankful to see all the poinsettias.  Beware of a few too many poinsettia pictures- I was just so impressed by all the varieties.  

 That evening, Adeline was complaining of ear pain.  I peaked in her ears with my otoscope and knew we needed to take her in. The next day, the kids were scheduled to go to their grandparents' house for the weekend so we decided to take her to Patient First in hopes that we could still have a Staycation sans kids.  They confirmed a double ear infection and we walked out with a prescription.  It always seems to be a holiday when we are there.  I spent Thanksgiving 2013 in Patient First after several days of high fevers.  Oh well, I am thankful for their great hours and low-cost care.

New Year's Eve

The morning of New Year's eve we went to Baltimore's Central Library to see a Maurice Sendak exhibit, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of "Where the Wild Things Are" featuring 50 works by the late author.  I grew up reading Maurice Sendak and have enjoyed instilling a love for his books to my kids.  It was well done and a great excuse to visit this beautiful historic building. 

The "Where the Wild Things Are" exhibit was great, full of interactive opportunities for the kids.

They all made mischief of one kind and another.

They also had various artwork and reading areas to celebrate Maurice Sendak's works.

That says a lot to me that Dr. Seuss most admired Sendak! 

We also went downstairs to visit the children's department and get some books (of course).

Eric dropped the little kids and I off for rest time and surprised Audrey with a skating date with her BFF, Amelia.  It was their first time on skates, but certainly not their last.