Sunday, August 11, 2013

Family Reunion '13

This trip was on the books for 18 months, far longer than we usually plan ahead.  We had not gone away together for five years (since Angels Camp) and had added six more family members to the mix- 5 being Luis and Cedulie's grandkids and Tom, who married Susan in May '09.

Sue and Tom joined us from San Bruno, CA with their 2 year old son Sammy.

There was lots of eating, games, pool, and laughs.

Elliott and Sammy bonded; he needed a boy around.

Here they are with eyes fixed on the gardeners (and their gear/rides). 

Sue spent many long hours putting together a version of the Newlywed Game for us to play.  It was a highlight!  Thank Sue for all your effort!  Now we know that Tom has misaligned nipples, what Stef's best sport is, what Luis would look like with a receding harline... the list could go on.  It was great fun and now we know each other even better.

Adeline loving time with Grand Maman 

The kids soaked up some daddy love.

Our traditional outside games (tournaments) of bocci ball, croquette, volleyball, lasso golf, etc. are on hold in wait of another season of life.  This season brought us a water ballon toss (maybe more of a water ballon throw), Simon Says, tug a war, and making a train with a rope- simple kid games are the best.

Adeline claimed one of the chairs, don't mess with her!

Family Dinners 

Kids Table

 Dance parties were had most evenings after dinner.

Movie Theater 

Featuring Sound of Music 

Monopoly en Francaise 

The Cutest Banker Ever
Adeline enjoyed making a mess (with the help of her siblings) 

We spent lots of time at the pool.

Some craft time 

The boys checking out the excursions...

...But we usually opted for the park instead.

We took family pictures with a professional photographer.  
I will post those when we get them.

 Impromptu ice cream after portrait time- after an hour of pictures it was time to break out the real smiles!    

Ever last drop

This was the best part- sleeping in while Grand Maman and Grand Papa didn't.
Thanks guys!

Pool time while mommy packs

Water Ballerina 

The trip back home was blessed with sleeping children (well two out of three). 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Grandview Island

July 27th, we headed for a quick day at the beach, on Grandview Island (near Hampton, VA) where my Uncle Scott lives.  

He built this beautiful house. 

My uncle was in the middle of racing his sun fish sail boat around the 7 mile island when we got there.  We met them on a bridge close to their house, while the racers where passing by.  The big kids (and Eric) got to ride back to the house on the golf cart before we hit the beach where the finish line was  conveniently located.  Of course, my uncle won the race (out of 12 sailors)!   

Audrey and Chaquita- looks like two princesses to me!

The beach was fabulous and the water was warm like bath water.  I am still surprised after spending years in the Pacific.

Aunt Laura and Adeline

Her first trip to the beach.  Hard to see, but Adeline was covered in sand!  

 Loved the outside shower

My Uncle Bob and Aunt Joan joined us at Scott and Laura's house for dinner.

It was so nice to be there, but far to short.  After dinner, we headed about 45minutes north to Williamsburg to meet up with Eric's family for a week long family reunion together.