Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Means Lots of Leaves

This weekend we decided it was time to tackle our leaves. We know we will have to do another round but had enough to do a couple hours of work. Though this is our first year raking leaves at our own house, we have had a few years of practice helping Eric's sister and parents. Audrey had fun with her own rake (thanks to the Dollar Tree). We were happy to only have 10 bags of leaves to clean up (Eric's sister averages 30-35 bags). For the most part, we had the same amount of work as fun- I hope that continues over the years of living on the east coast.

Big Girl Bed

This week Audrey started showing interest in transitioning into a toddler bed so we gave it a try. She did really well the first night falling right asleep without getting out of bed. We had to "remind" her that she needed to stay in bed during nap time the first few days. We were a little nervous about the transition since we have heard some horror stories. The craziest stories were both from our friend Kristin's blog whose daughter decorated her room with pen and diaper cream on separate occasions. We took her experiences as warning to remove any potentially hazardous thing a two-year old might want to play with. The only mishap we have had so far was a black eye from Audrey's violent turning. For now, we are pleased to have reached another toddler milestone and seeing that she is nowhere near ready to give up diapers or pacifiers yet- those will be our upcoming battles.

Kitty Time

The kittens are 3 and 1/2 weeks old, we were "supposed" to start interacting with them to help socialize them. Audrey loves playing with them and requests "Fun Kitten Time" a couple times a day.