Monday, September 29, 2014

CA Day 9

The morning of August 10th, we had a little more quality time with Mimi and Poppy before we said goodbye.  

We drove to LAX to drop Adeline and Eric off so they could start their trip back home.  Eric needed to get back to work on Monday.  Adeline went to spend the week with Cedulie (Eric's mom) so that the big kids and I could stay a week longer and have an easier time not dealing with a 2 year old.  Plus, I wasn't ready to fly across country with three kids on my own.

It was heartbreaking saying goodbye, mostly to Adeline who was very confused.  These two had a great trip home and a great week home while Audrey, Elliott, and I continued our (marathon) adventure.

After leaving LAX, I went COH were I used to work, to say hi to my unit and former co-workers. We also visited the gardens where I hold many precious memories of walking patients around or just soaking in the beauty of nature on my lunch break before returning to the challenging work of connecting with patients in a sterile environment.

Audrey and Elliott especially liked the chimes
The Old building

The New

After leaving the hospital, we headed back to Orange County to see my dad, Arlene, Rahime, and her family.  We had planned to go to the last day of the Orange County Fair.  However, after driving around for over a half an hour trying to find parking, we decided to scrap that idea.  Instead, we went to the Irvine Spectrum to ride the Carousel and play in the fountain.

They also found yet another playground

After the Spectrum fun, we went back to my mom's house, our home away from home.   
Elliott was excited to be reunited with the Duplos to build more towers, his speciality.  

We also got to see Larry's daughter Danielle and her family.  They had dinner with us and crashed at my mom and Larry's before visiting D-land the next day. The house was full with 13 people and 2 dogs.  It was shocking (for some reason) seeing Amanda and how much she has grown.  I first met her at my mom and Larry's wedding four years ago.  She was 8 (a year older than Audrey is now) and now is 12 - a full blown (almost) teen.  The last four years have gone by so fast and I imagine the next four years will fly by as well.  Pretty soon, I will have a teenager and likely a few more headaches...unless she is as great as Amanda! 

CA Day 8

Saturday, August 9th was Eric and Adeline's last day in California.  Eric and his parents took the kids to the play area at the mall while I stayed back to do laundry and catch up on over 100 work emails.  
It was a great act of service giving me some time before he left.  The kids had a great time playing and eating the the food court.  Thanks to John and Mary Ann for accompanying and funding the outing.

During the afternoon, we spent more time in the pool.  Adeline preferred being on the pool- on the raft.   Audrey learned to dive and solidified her swimming skills.

Hot Coco with Mimi that evening was a highlight!

CA Day 7

Much of Day 7 was spent on Lake Casitas.  One of John's (Eric's Dad) friends has a boat and volunteered to take us all out on the lake.  Eric got to water ski for the first time in over a decade.

Here's Todd, the generous friend and captain.

John up on the Air Chair 

He's pretty good for a 70 year old!

Eric was up for a split second, which happened to be captured in this picture.


We were almost towed, then found that the kill switch had been hit.

Another nap in the car for this gal.

It was a fun day on the lake followed by more time in the pool. 

Mary Ann found this cute snack/activity on Pinterest for the kids to fish for fishie crackers with celery and peanut butter.