Thursday, December 20, 2012

Computer Time with the Grandparents

Christmas Tree Cutting

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went with some friends of ours and my mom and Larry to a tree farm to cut our Christmas tree.  Some of the grumpy faces at the farm had to do with the extreme cold.  It was a perfect outing followed by lunch at Cracker Barrel, an afternoon decorating the tree, and popcorn for dinner.  

Cleaning up Leaves

Black Friday was also spent cleaning up our fall leaves...
15 minutes into canning, we agreed that it would be better for everyone if Eric took the older two outside to "help daddy rake leaves."
My mom and Larry arrived just in time to help finish the job.  
We bagged a total of 14 big black trash bags of leaves, making it a very productive day!

Canning Friday

Our Black Friday was spent canning apple butter and lemon curd.  We used 10 pounds of lemons and 30 pounds of apples (potatoes were for Thanksgiving mashed potatoes).

Eric had the hard job of prepping the apples and lemons

Ready to cook overnight


Lemon curd uses an obscene amount of eggs and egg whites

We totalled 32 jars of apple butter and 17 of lemon curd!  Yummy!!!

Thanksgiving Day

We celebrated Thanksgiving with George and Stefanie again this year 
(figured I would post this before Christmas).  

Here are some pictures of our celebration: