Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tahoe/San Fran Trip

At the end of January, we all went to California to visit our family. Sorry SoCal friends, this was just a NorCal visit. We spent a week in Tahoe and then headed to San Francisco for a long weekend.

My carry-on fit with room to spare according to this, but my lap said otherwise!

We played a lot of musical chairs
Elliott was every bit the monkey I thought he would be
and we were his jungle gym.

Audrey's "heart" pretzels

We got to Tahoe after a long 8 hours on the plane followed by an a hour and a half drive.
My mom and Larry treated us to the week in Tahoe. Both sides of their family gathered together in two condos and a house. At one point we had 17 family members together. It was a wild adventure!

The kids were up bright and early the next morning at 5:30am CA time.
They enjoyed watching the snow plows plow the parking lot of one of Heavenly's lifts.
We had a gorgeous view and wonderful room.

Still looking out the window when the sun came up.

We got to play in the snow for a little bit on the first day before the 2 feet of snow started to fall.
Audrey's snow carrott

Beautiful scenery

Eric and Audrey's snow angels

Eric got to use the snow blower at the house that Rahime and 'Chung were staying at (their friends Sam and Michelle). They were so generous to let them use their house and let us use their car.
Elliott staring at the snow plower

Eric got to go snowboarding the next day and
the kids were excited to try on the gear.

Rahime and I got to be kid-free for a few hours while the guys snowboarded, so we went snowshoeing and let her Great Danes (Brembo and Puffin) play in the snow. It was beautiful and so much fun!

We took the Heavenly Gondola up to the top with the kids, my mom and Larry, and my sweet niece Eleanor. The hour ride up and down was beautiful!

These pics were taken at the observation deck half way up
Great view of Lake Tahoe
Elliott was very interested in the Bear proof trash can
250 year-old tree
Sleepy girl on the way back down

We also got to go on a one-horse open sleigh ride, which was a big hit with the kids.

We had a yummy brunch at the Red Hut

The week in Tahoe went fast and we packed up to head to San Fran for a long weekend
On the drive, we went to In-N-Out for lunch... which for us Marylanders was a huge treat!
E Ry got a nap in a super-packed car

We had dinner at Rahime's friend's house (Sam and Michelle). They were super generous to us by providing an amazing dinner and lots of entertainment for the kids.

Elliott meeting Sully, their Champion Great Dane.
Sam and Michelle have chickens and bunnies and we
confirmed that we really do miss the farm.
The Ting Family

That Saturday we went on a long walk at the Dog Park.
It was a beautiful clear day and we loved seeing a little sunshine.

Rahime and Eleanor

The kids thought it was a long walk too and both wanted to be carried by Eric.

That afternoon, Eric's step-sister Susan, her husband Tom, and son Sammy came over to Rahime's house to hang out. It was the first time Eric and the kids got to meet Sammy. It was so great to see them!

Here are the boy cousins checking each other out

My dad and Arlene came up to San Fran for the weekend to get a little grand-kid time.

On Sunday, we went to a Dog Show in the city...

The kids loaded up in Rahime's stroller
We got to see some of the showing
Some of the grooming

And meet lots of the dogs

Eric's favorites- the Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Elliott's favorites- the Snoopy plush puppies
That night, we did an early birthday celebration for my birthday. We had some wonderful Indian food and an amazing cake from our favorite Chinese bakery, Alex's bakery.

The next Monday, it was back on the plane to head home, it was a long ride, but at least shorter than the flight to CA thanks to a good tail-wind.

Elliott even took a nap, which was a first for either of my kids at that age.

It was great to see so much family and create memories together,
but we were all happy to get back home to our routined life.