Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fun in Maryland (and DC)!

We have been in Maryland for two weeks now! My best friend Lidia just visited us for a weeks, so we have been preoccupied exploring our new turf. Here are some pictures of some of our outings.

The Capitol
Walking around DC
Visiting the Botanical Gardens (one of my favorite places)
Resting in the Orchid Room

We went to Mount Vernon, George Washington's home or should I say estate.

As you can tell Audrey and Eric spent a lot of time together and his back felt it!
We went apple picking per Lidia's request at Larriland Farms (that rhymes with Maryland- I think they planned that). I have never seen so many apples in my life. I ate about four or five there and we brought 20 pounds home to make apple pies, apple butter and other assorted apple things.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We made it!

The Lapointe family is now in Maryland. I arrived last night with Audrey. She did very well on the plane other than 30 minutes when she was trying to fall asleep. It was weird seeing all of our stuff here already. It feels like living in two different worlds at the same time. Eric's family unloaded our truck last weekend- a big job that we are so thankful for. Eric arrived tonight at 5:30 and Audrey did not let go of him to first hour. We have some settling to do before it starts to feel like home, but we are excited to finally be here. In less important news: we really like the state flag.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Middle America

My husband is literally in the middle of America. Eric left Saturday at 6 am to drive across country. Our good friend Randy is driving our second car- thanks Randy! The first night they spent in Grand Junction at Eric's grandmother's house. He enjoyed the Rockies this morning; they even got some snow at the summit. Then, they were off the flattest part of our country. He is not impressed by the high winds and striking lack of anything scenery. Tonight they are in Salina, Kansas. They have two more days of driving to go and will total 2,720 miles. Audrey and I fly out in the morning (we got the best end of that deal). Please pray for our safety as we all travel.

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