Monday, March 14, 2011

Audrey's Picks

Audrey is still dressing herself... some outfits are within
my comfort zone and some are not. She does get lots of looks
of shock and admiration as we are out and about.
I love her style and commitment to being an individual!

Goodbye Winter!

Winter is coming to an end... we are having some nice brisk days and are welcoming sunshine and buds! I thought I should post some of our winter pictures before Spring Equinox. We had much less snow than last year, but still several storms with decent amounts of snow to enjoy.

We had one "big" snow. It was so sticky
we had to shake off our trees to prevent limb breakage.

I love our snowy house!

Audrey always wears her shades for that snow glare

Audrey's "Snowman-Girl"was the cutest
and most styling in the neighborhood!

There were lots of snow angels made this winter

Elliott was usually too inhibited by his snow
suit to enjoy much of the snow.

And lots of P.J. Days

I love this picture with three season represented

Stay-tuned for lots of Spring pictures!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 months!

Elliott is 10 months today!!! I haven't posted on him in several months, so yes he turned 8 months, 9 months and now 10 months! Here is an update of our little guy:

Since I wrote last, Elliott has been really busy and keeping us really busy. He has mastered sitting up on his own, crawling, and cruising. Army crawling is preferred on the hard-wood floors, but he can crawl on the carpet which leaves him on his belly a lot.

Elliott loves to eat finger foods over purees. His favorite foods are mini raviolis and sweet potatoes. He is now interested in what is on our plates, so he has enjoyed meatloaf, split pea soup and pancakes lately.

Despite two ear infections, the stomach flu and teething (he has been working on his top teeth for a month and a half), he has been smiling and talking more and more. He says, "Ma Ma Ma Ma" and "Da da da da" and understands whom those sounds go with.

He loves his sister- he looks anxiously for her every morning and is fussy if she sleeps over at her Grand-Maman's house. He LOVES bath time and giggles when he hears the water start. His favorite thing in life is when his two loves unite- bath with his sister!
Audrey is a great big sister! She makes him laugh when he is fussy. She gives him lots of hugs and kisses. We are so blessed by these two adorable kids, who brighten our days everyday!