Friday, May 29, 2015

International Night

International Night at Audrey's school, Baltimore International Academy.

Trying to have fun, but really tired mommy.

The "Parade"

Adeline trying to get on stage to dance too.

Spring Soccer

Elliott wanted to play soccer again this year.  He wasn't as enthusiastic when Saturday morning came around but generally enjoyed himself once we got there.

Our Pastor Dan coached one of the teams.  Here he is playing Catch the Coach.

Playing pregnant with the balls, the poor coaches! 

My grumpy Rose on a Saturday morning 

Very proud of his trophy 

Irvine Nature Center

May 13th, we went to Irvine Nature Center for Elliott's class field trip.  

Here is Elliott with his buddy Ava.

Elliott's class 

Adeline participated as if it were her class too!

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, we had a picnic after church at Sherwood Gardens with Eric's mom and sister.  It was a gorgeous day there once again, though with less tulips and more azaleas.  I am so blessed to be the mother of these three.

Audrey brought a change of clothes, so she could run and climb.

Elliott and Adeline's Birthday Party

May 9th, Adeline (my baby) turned three!  We had a small combined party for the kids that day since Eric was back in town.

We saved a few presents for Elliott's party day.

More presents after nap time

Audrey's take