Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week of September 21st

Zoo trip with some preschoolers 

Adeline's pic

His turn to be sick, fevers, but no rash.  It was quicker than Adeline's illness the week before. 

Back to school after missing two days.

Homemade Preschool Day

Audrey at the school dance, she would rather eat sweets than dance though.

Should have been an Entomologist.

Week of September 14th

The highlight of the week was scarlet fever.  Hard to tell in this picture, but it looked like she had a full body sunburn, even on her scalp.

Elliott cannot play outside for more than five minutes before school without getting messy.

Computer trouble... never seen this before on my MacBook Pro, but it recovered well.

Eric's "dress down" day with his friend Taylor towering over him. 

Week of September 7th

Mounds of laundry... thanks Eric for doing our weekly folding!

First haircut in 2 years.  She was growing out to donate, but they would not take her hair due to the lice treatments from last year.  So sad!

Adeline's 1st day of our Homemade Preschool.  She was super excited to be going to school and then a little confused that it was at Emma's house.

Still looking for a home

Lunch with her brother on Friday (chocolate milk day).

Broken, fixed by my husband.


Saturday baseball game.  Eric's co-worker, Kendal gave him 5 free tickets.  It was suppose to be a 1pm game, but started at 4pm due to a rain delay.  Audrey went to Piper's house for a sleepover, so we invited Elliott's buddy Alex for his first game ever.  We didn't get there until 4:45pm, but were waved into free front row parking (I think because so many people left early on a drizzly day).  Our seats were in the 300's, but Kendal, who also is an usher, seated us in the 40's seats.  We had amazing seats with a great view (despite all the Royals fans around us).  It did start to rain a little more, so we moved under the overhang, leaving behind a hat which the usher recovered and came and brought to us.  Kendal even secured some promo items for us even though we were so late and they had all been given out.  It was a perfect evening with everything working out in our favor.

Sunday play date with Amelia... making a cake without a recipe, it was even decent and very creative with coffee and pear vanilla jam as a filling.  

Camping over Labor Day Weekend

Friday night of Labor Day Weekend, we headed back to Elk Neck State Park for a camping week.  Our CRV was packed, including a watermelon on my lap and fireworks at my feet.

Our hike to the lighthouse.

Elliott with some paw paw fruit- very odd exotic fruit indigenous to eastern North America.  

We lounged on the beach every afternoon until dinner.

A very dirty girl

The trip home with a sleepy Rose.
It was another awesome weekend with perfect weather and lots of friends and lots of ticks (my only complaint)!