Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Apple Picking

Family Pictures

Here are our pictures from our family reunion with Eric's family

We just could not manage to get a decent picture of our three kids together. 

Summer Randomness

Walk in the Rain

Top teeth

Lot of messes

More messes

A few more messes




Last naps

Full Rainbow

 Much needed hair cut

Dress up time 

I think this counts
 And this?


Look at those curls!

Sweet girl

Audrey learned to ride her bike

Fun with daddy- Elephant rides

Wedding Guest- Audrey and Eric went to some friends' wedding.  I was sad to miss it but stayed home sick with Adeline would was also sick and Elliott who was a little too energetic for us.  

Nature Finds 

 We played outside almost every evening

We have nasty mosquitos in our neighborhood

Elliott got a new bike and loves it!

 Rock climbing into the car

Block party face paint 

Adeline just painted hers with watermelon

 Learning to climb

Elliott and his climbing apprentice 

 Unpacking from California 

 The saddest thing- a fig tree cut down with figs still on it :(

From above