Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New House!

Here are pictures of the house for those of you that have been asking. There are a lot more pictures on the slide show if you really like details. We have enjoyed setting up our new home.

For those of you that didn't know, we bought the house on Craigslist (how perfect is that) and we bought it fully furnished. We were very blessed to buy from a great couple with very good taste and were thankful not to have to start furnishing from scratch. Since we moved from California, we didn't bring much furniture (we still brought plenty of stuff as those that helped us pack can attest).

The row house is three bedrooms and two baths and has two stories as well as a basement. It is also the only one in our neighborhood that has a two car garage. For you trivia fans, we back up to the longest alley in Baltimore. You can use that one next time you play Trivial Pursuit Charm City edition. The house is in a historic neighborhood called Original Northwood. It was build in 1941 which means that it has a lot of the "old house charm" that we loved about the Farm. We also have great neighbors, we were invited to two neighborhood events our first weekend here. We have not replaced Peyton, but we have two neighbor cats that like to come by often. One of the cats is in many of the pictures, because she follows me around the house.

The house has plenty of room so please come a visit. We look forward to hosting your Washington D.C. vacations.
The slide show has captions if you want to know more about the pictures.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Week with Family!

We were blessed to have my family come for the week. Lauren and my mom were already here for the birthday. My older sister, Rahime, and her husband, 'Chung stopped by on their 4-week cross country trip documented here. They brought Brembo, their 110-pound Great Dane "puppy" with them.
Audrey is really interested in helping cook, especially with Auntie Lauren
(she takes quite a few bites during the process).

Here are our pictures hanging out at the Fort McHenry Park:

Audrey learning to walk Brembo.

We did the DC tour.
Audrey took to riding Brembo.

On Friday, we drove through Richmond (sorry Alisa it was too short of a trip to see you)
to visit my Aunt Karen and Eugene, and my Grandma Deans.
Saturday, we spent in Hampton/Williamsburg for my cousin's wedding.
My Uncle Scott and cousin April.

Rahime and I
Eric and Audrey

Couple Pictures:Cousin Christy and her boyfriend Jason
Uncle Scott and Laura

Rahime and 'Chung
Eric and I

April and Eric (the newly weds)

Audrey Pictures:
We had a fabulous week and wedding weekend. My family all left on Sunday morning. Eric and I took the scenic route home. Eric was excited to drive across the 20 mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel. It has a steep $12 toll, but is worth it if you like long tunnels and bridges.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Audrey!

Audrey turned two years old of 4th of July. We can hardly believe it has been two years since we had her. We got to break in our new house and host our first party, two weeks after moving. My mom (Gogo as Audrey calls her) and my little sister, Lauren came
from California to celebrate with us.
She was singing "Happy Birthday" to herself all week and
was delighted with all the attention she got.
She really grasped the opening up presents this year and
was actually very interested in her birthday cards.

The boots and gardening tools from Auntie Lauren were Audrey's favorite.
She has already put them to good use.