Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eric's 35th!!!

Adeline's Second Month

Here are some pictures of Adeline 2nd month of life as well as some other random pictures of the family.

Lots of sleeping

Bath time

Some awake pictures

More sleeping

Our 9th Anniversary- Adeline join us as our dinner date

Movie time

Better than a movie, watching our neighbors move in


A few other random pics

Sunday, July 22, 2012


The next weekend, Eric took the big kids camping for the weekend with some friends from church.
There were a total of 12 adults and 15 kids!

Elliott did not sleep the first night, keeping Eric and Audrey up too, of course! The rain that fell the whole night didn't help either.  He was so tired the next day the he fell asleep on their hike - something that never happens!

Meanwhile at home, Adeline and I tried to sleep as much as we could and did a good job of that!

I also got the privilege of dog sitting this sweet guy, Bacca.

That Sunday night, we were back home without any company and too much laundry.

My Sisters' Visits

On Friday, July 6th, Rahime and I took our four kids to the local pool.
  It was quiet an adventure and nice and hot at 99 degrees.

Yes that's the sun blaring in Adeline's eye- bad mom!

I was sad to see that the tree that we used to eat 
lunch under had fallen down during the storm

We borrowed our friends' van for the week so that we could fit all these kiddos in.  
Thanks Post Family for your generosity! 

This was our first ride all together:

We also enjoyed some cousin time after the pool.
Eleanor was better at tummy time than Adeline.

She mastered sitting up on her own during her 
visit and was working on pulling herself up

Eric enjoying his niece

Late Friday night, Lauren, our younger sister came into town

We just had to dress the babies up alike

Saturday the 7th was a super hot day- high of 104 not even taking in account the heat index.
Eric watched Audrey and Elliott, so that Rahime, Lauren, the babies and I could play all day.  We went to Chocolatea for lunch, then to Annapolis for some great thrift storing, then got East African take out which brought back memories from our Kenya days.  It was fun to have a sister day together and the babies were awesome. 

Sunday, the 8th, we went to church and lunch at Holy Frijoles

 Eleanor likes black beans!!!

On Monday, Audrey had her first day of summer camp
at the school she will be attending in the fall

Poor Eleanor got Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease.  I guess our germs
 were still lurking around after three weeks.

We also had to say goodbye to Auntie Lauren :(
All my mom's babies together- picture at her request

Rahime and I had a few more days to hang out and play.  She left Wednesday night.

Here are our cupcakes from Sweet 27 (formally Sweet Sin), 
my friend's gluten-free bakery- a "must have" if you come visit me! 

Eleanor approves

 We also took several walks despite the heat and humidity.
I guess the stroller fits three!

It was fun to be together!  Thanks Rahime and Lauren for making the trip!