Friday, May 13, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my two precious kids. It started by waking up at 6:45am to Audrey whisper yelling, "Daddy, it's Mother's Day! We need to make breakfast in bed for Mommy!" I got to pretend I was sleeping for the next 20 minutes while my breakfast tray was being prepared. I got eggs, toast, strawberries and tea with a vase of flowers. Audrey climbed up on the bed and said, "Happy Mother's Day, you can give me bites." She is so thoughtful and sweet. We went to George and Stef's church with Luis and Cedulie and then went to Hampton Mansion for the afternoon. We walked around the grounds and had a picnic. It is definitely on the "come back to" list.

We took some great pictures of me and the kids.

Here are some others of our time there.

My Dad's Visit

We had a great time with my Dad and Arlene.
Here are some pictures of our time together.

Loving his Grandson

Audrey and the Azaleas
Audrey recently decided that she wants long hair without curls.
She has been brushing out her hair to make it longer.
I am trying to be patient but having a hard time with it...I just love her curls so much.

Audrey helped my Dad put in a new garbage disposal
Elliott wanted to help too
Elliott got to play his great grand-daddy Deans' banjo.
This boy loves music and I hope to cultivate that love.

They had lots of fun putting Audrey to bed and
reading her the new books they brought her. They got all Caldecott medal winners, amazing books that were popular when we were young. They are so good and it is hard to find them these days.

Sherwood Gardens

I am sure most of you have heard me mention Sherwood Gardens, it is a splendid local garden with 80,000 tulips. The kids and I have visited numerous times and taken our recent visitors (Mom, Larry, Dad, Arlene, and Cami). Here are some pictures of our visit last weekend with my Dad and Arlene.

Elliott Ryan is 1!!!

Here are some happier pictures of Elliott. Elliott is very busy, not walking yet, but cruising and crawling very fast! His words consist of momma, dadda, Audrey, Avery, more, nana (banana and food in general), bye bye, nite nite, and I am sure there are a few more. He can sign more, hungry, and please. His favorite foods are lasagna, asparagus and chili. He has eight teeth, four of which he got in a three day time period. He loves climbing stairs and taking baths with his sister. He also loves Avery and even likes to move her cage around the house. Taking walks is the highlight of the day. He is such a joy and we are so thankful for this precious boy.

Elliott's 1st

Last Sunday, was Elliott' s 1st Birthday, wow how time flies!!!

We had a farm theme (surprise, surprise), mostly because
I have so much farm stuff already to use.

Here is some of the party decor....

I was excited to use my red peacock tablecloth

I did a banner of pictures of Elliott from birth to 12 M

Pinwheel party favors

This was a Happy Birthday banner using French
Vintage Alphabet cards, thanks risten

The kid snacks

Our house was full with lots of kids

Balloon Wreath, thanks Lidia for the great idea!

The grown-ups snuck outside for some peace and quiet.
We were blessed to have my Dad and Arlene join us for this special day.

Our garden was beautiful that day,
the azaleas were at peak for his party

Audrey had more fun at Elliott's party than he did
Sweet Audrey admiring the sweets
Cow, pig, chick and lamb cupcakes-
Thanks Arlene for laboring with me!
Shiloh turned 1 two weeks before
You might be wondering where the pictures of the birthday boy.
Well, he was a birthday boy grump... later we learned that he wasn't feeling well.
He had fevers the following three days and then broke out in a rash on Thursday, I guess he ended up having roseola.

This was the best picture we got that day.
I love this birthday boy!

This was what he looked like most of the evening
He wasn't really sure about his cupcake,
but had more fun playing with it than eating it
At presents time, he was a mess!
Audrey was excited to help out opening presents.

He gave up all interest and we
postponed the rest of present opening.
The next day he (with Audrey's help, of course) opened up the rest! He was only slightly more interested in them. Later, we he was feeling better, he got to really enjoy his presents.
Here is his rash that showed up Thursday