Sunday, July 13, 2014

Trip to Stockton

The first Weekend in June, I flew out to California to go to a Beth Moore conference with my mom and two sisters.  It was the first time we have done something like this.  It was a delightful time.

I had to say goodbye to these guys...

... but got to see this gal.

Big Truck Day

Strawberry Picking

The last weekend in May, while Eric helped some friends move (into our neighborhood!), the kids and I headed to Larriland Farm to pick strawberries.  

Gogo's Visit

My mom (the kids' Gogo) and Larry came to visit us mid-May.

We went to Audrey's Spring Concert

Audrey got her double decker teeth pulled 

 Our Costco dinner after the dentist 

Pictures before goodbyes 

The kitty we said no to adopting...despite Adeline's persuasion.

Audrey lounging on our neighbor's porch.