Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dress Up

Audrey dresses up everything...

Her Bunnies:
Her pandas:
Her brother
Her self:

Our broom and vacuum:

Even Elliott's Little People Farm Animals:

Audrey's 4th Birthday!

Audrey had her Golden Birthday this year.
We started the day with a traditional breakfast in bed.
She was so excited.

She walked downstair to find her new bike complete with a seat for Bunnia.

Family pics before the party

Audrey's Birthday Wreath (I am really into making wreaths these days)
Garland of Audrey

Red Velvet Cupcakes

The Birthday Girl

Luis worked the grill

Lots of people and kids

Princess cake per Audrey's request
Elliott's favorite place

Audrey got to open the rest of her presents before bed. She certainly is Fancy.
A yawn sneaking out

Thanks Auntie Lauren for coming and working so
hard to make Audrey's birthday special!!!

We once again did not make it to see the fireworks. She "got to" watch a youtube video of fireworks and somehow that worked just fine.

Barnes Foundation

My little sister, Lauren came for the 4th of July weekend. She was amazing help to get ready for Audrey's party. We also got to play a bit in between party prep. On Saturday the 2nd, we went up to Pennsylvania. I had two tickets to see the Barnes collection in Merion, PA. We went on the second to the last day before they closed the Merion gallery. The gallery will be permanently moved to downtown Philadelphia. Check out the documentary Art of the Steal, if you are interested in the scandal that ensued. We throughly enjoined Dr. Barnes' collection, but could not take any pictures. However, we took lots of pictures in the gardens...

The fernery (love that word)

Cool hallowed stump

Our new favorite tree- a Stewartia

Another cool tree- the Monkey Puzzel tree
Eric went with us to Philly for the day and took the kids to the Philly Zoo.
We can home with an excited pink kitty.