Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sick Baby...

I came home from work on Sunday night and could tell Audrey was not feeling well. Late that night she got a 102.9 fever. I took her into the pediatricians office Monday morning. Five hours later we left aware of her double ear infection and bad case of “Cradle Cap” and because some of the tests, a little worried that she might have Diabetes or Kawasaki’s Disease. For my nursing friends out there- she had glucose and ketones in the urine; random blood glucose of 155; and high platelets of 600. By the time we had left she had been catheterized and stuck with two needles. Tuesday, I took her back for a fasting blood glucose check that luckily was 72 (good). We are thankful for a healthy little girl who is back to herself now.

Another Mommy on the Farm

The peacocks are well into mating season now. Over the last week I have been preoccupied with the happenings and well being of this peahen who decided to nest to the right of our front door. She has laid an egg a day, making it 11 now (the picture is old). She has been staying on the eggs day and night. I do not think they actually eat during this time of nesting, but I have been throwing her crackers and giving her water to ensure her health. She has had another peahen trying to attack her and steal her eggs. She is a tough one, even attacking Peyton, our cat, who wanted to get a closer look. I will continue to update you on her and her eggs.

Bath Time!

Here are some pictures of Audrey when Daddy gives her a bath. He is a little more abrupt than Mommy, but Audrey seems to be enjoying herself.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


One of Eric's former students found this advertisement pop-up on He did a double-take and yes, realized that was indeed Eric Lapointe. One of Eric's current students, Adam Kazmierski took some photos on a whim and posted them on his We had no idea that T-Mobile was using his picture. Eric is getting around. He was in another advertisement for Talbot (Biola's Seminary) a couple years ago that appeared in Christianity Today for about a year (my mom kept every copy if you are interested.) Well, hopefully his ego does not blow up... although I do believe he is a "visionary," "fun," "daring," "confident," "talented," and "genuine" husband!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Nine months old today

It is hard to believe that Audrey has lived outside of me as long as she was inside of me. She has been trying to perfect her "downward-facing dog" yoga move which should lead to crawling before we know it.