Monday, July 20, 2015

Kate and Cody's Rehearsal Dinner

Audrey and I at my dad's house, right before the rehearsal dinner on July 3rd.

Cody and Kate ready to tie the knot!

Cody's family organized a super fun game for the rehearsal dinner. 

Kate's mom and grandmother

A few of Kate's siblings

Cody's sister and brother-in-law

Cody's mom and sister

Cody's dad and step-mom

I enjoyed this bowl of berries for dessert...

while Audrey got this chocolate mousse 

The family for which Kate used to nanny.  
Owen and Kara were going to be her ring bearer and flower girl. 

The bride and her maids

4th of July in CA

Audrey's 8th Birthday!  Breakfast in bed is a tradition and we managed to keep it up while at Gogo's house.

8 Raspberries on 8 fingers for my 8 year old.

Audrey with Auntie Lauren

We had a small party at my mom's house with my Uncle Jeff, Frecia, and their triplets who just turned one.

We changed clothes and venues for the next birthday gathering at my dad's.

Eric's dad John and Mary Ann were able to come down from the Valley to see us during this quick trip.

Checking out the braces (his investment).  He was very impressed with the progress, especially with  her top teeth.

We enjoyed a nice steak dinner.

Chair on the awing ready for firework viewing.

Lidia, came to join us as well!  

Swinging before fireworks

Awesome viewing of fireworks... wish we could be there every 4th!