Friday, March 28, 2014

Winter Catch Up: Part 3 (of 3)- Winter Continues

New Year's Day was spent making Lemon Curd 
(after watching the Rose Parade).


The best part

Final product

Our New Year's Wreath made from my Grandpa Deans' cork collection

Audrey went back to school after Winter Break on January 2nd.
Here's two flurry watchers

Dress Up time with Elliott

After one day of school, we had a snow day on January 3rd

Our snow day lunch

Hair cuts for the girls (that have hair)
Jan 4th

My new "A" cup from work that will be used while working.

January 6th, Eric and I got the stomach flu and the kids followed.  
After days of only applesauce and ginger ale, we consumed a lot of homemade chicken soup.

Jan. 7th- the coldest day I've experienced in Baltimore was made colder by my fever.

Lots of PJs in the laundry after a week of sickness

Random Pictures 

Adeline got her case of the 5th Disease on Jan. 14th 

Jan 21 was another snow day.  Eric worked from home...

 the kids played together...

I was surprisingly productive and made three wreaths.

I had wanted to make a clothespin wreath for the laundry room.

I had also been wanting to make a spool wreath from my Grandma Deans' thread collection.

Audrey felt left out, so we made her a wreath out 
of some lace scrapes that I had lying around.

I also made a draft stopper for the back door, inspired by the cold.  
I think that was my most productive craft day ever.

We even made time to play in the snow 

Adeline just wanted to come back inside though. 

All ready to go

Monkey Pajama Night

The 22nd of January was another snow day and another very cold day, 
but this time Eric still had to work.

We still managed to get outside a play though only for 45 minutes.

Jan. 29th another dusting of snow

February 4th- My Birthday scarf from Lidia

A wonderful birthday dinner at Woodberry Kitchen

February 5th- a beautiful ice storm 

Feb. 8th fun day at the Rail Museum

We even got to see the turn table demonstration

A little flurry on February 9th

Dog sitting Bacca

13 inches on February 13th
Our biggest storm since 2010.


Duckpin bowling on February 20th with our preschool group

Special Package from my dad

Audrey's school project

More snow on March 3th 

Audrey's Field trip to the National Aquarium on March 7th

Weekend without Daddy- March 8th.  
We took lots of pictures and spent lots of time outside.


Visit from Gogo- March 13th-16th

St. Patty's with more snow