Sunday, July 14, 2013

Child Development Lab

Adeline and Elliott were selected to be photographed for the Johns Hopkins Child Development Lab's new brochure.  We have all the kids enrolled in studies there.  These are a few of the pics.
Thank you Marshall Clarke for sharing these with us!

Random Spring Pics

Spring Blooms

Awesome outfits/hair

Trying to sneak "Dizzie" downstairs

 Outside as much as we can

Busy girl

First Sleepover

Pink Eye


Car ramp

More teeth

Audrey does live in Baltimore

Love sleeping kiddos 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

John's Visit

Eric's dad came to visit for two weeks, right after my dad.  Sadly, these are the only two pictures we have of this trip.  They are however representative of how he spent much of his time... baking in the hot sun for hours while he re-paned our windows.  Thank you John for your labor of love!  

My Dad's Visit

My Dad and Arlene were here for two weeks.  In between celebrating birthdays, they also worked hard, my dad on the house and Arlene with the kids, dinner, and dishes.  Thank you guys!

Kids Birthday Party

Pictures from the kid's combined birthday party.

Pre-party grumps

Sliding down the Fireman's pole

"Roses are Red, Fire Engines are too" was our silly theme.