Sunday, March 29, 2015

Valentine's Weekend and Following

My Valentine's

Valentine's Party at Girl Scouts 

Friday, February 13th Eric had his special "snip snip" procedure.  
I decorated for the occasion. 

His recovery went well, but only for the first two days (more on that later). 

On the 14th, while Eric stayed home to rest, I took the kids to the B&O Museum for their Civil War Era Tea Party.  It was mostly to get the kids out of the house and we got in free as Zoo members.  Our friends were able to join us too. 

The tea party was super cute with real china and all!

Micah feeding "Mine Adeline" as he calls her... so precious!

The kids always enjoy the trains and play area too.

Sunday, the 15th was just plain cold!

Monday, the 16th was a no school day for a professional development.  Eric started to get fevers the night before and no improvement on his swelling.  He went to the doctor for antibiotics and I once again tried to keep the kids occupied and out of the house since I knew snow was coming.

The 17th was also a professional development day, but would have been a snow day, so either way no school...

Since Eric was still out of commission, the kids and I got to do the digging and shoveling. 

Wednesday through Friday that week, Eric had a work road trip scheduled.  He went and lived off of Advil, much to my disapproval.  I took the kids to Costco with Edda one of those nights and McDonalds again for dinner. 

There was a lot of commotion at McDonald's that night and even an arrest right at the exit of the drive thru... oh Baltimore!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Random January Pics

My cutie all bundled up!

Cream cheese face

A new wreath for the kitchen

A battle with lice- ugh!

Kids at church meeting

More snow

 Adam's birthday

Matt's Birthday

Lunch buddies- tuna pasta was popular for all!

Play date with the cousin

Not sure where she is from...somewhere in the Middle East is our best guess.

Birthday apron for my nephew

BFFs with BFF necklaces

Donuts during oil change 

Best buds

She's fancy like her sister

More snow- this is on the drive to the school pick up.  The city was really careful to not move through our snow days in January.

Girl Scouts Activities

I taught a few first aid classes for Audrey's Girl Scout troop so that they could earn their First Aid Patch.  We did finger splints, ankle wraps, and make First Aid kits.

The Girl Scout painting project was another opportunity to earn a badge.

January 25th, we did a Girl Scout field trip to Walter's Art Museum.  They had a fabulous program for the girls.